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Let me congratulate you on your decision to purchase property and the initiative to leverage yourself.

Your desires, interests and needs become my goal.
It's important to me that you feel safe and comfortable in the ONE deal that matters most to you.

Financial Savings

I will conduct the whole process with the banks with reliability, transparency, escort and guidance, and will achieve the best conditions for creating a mortgage tailored to your financial profile, with the emphasis being that you return a minimum amount of money to the bank.

Personal Escort

I will accompany you hand in hand and formulate the best way for you to take a custom mortgage with comprehensive accompaniment and professional solutions in a professional manner and keeping discretion until the bank signs.

Creative Solutions

I will make the most suitable solutions for you with an emphasis on courteous, professional and personal service. I will make the process effective, simple and will give you tranquility, peace of mind and a big financial savings.

Professional Consulting

As the native speaker of the "banking language" and as a professional mortgage advisor, I have a fundamental role in your most important transaction, both in forming an optimal mix and adapting it to your personal needs, and in conducting negotiations with the banks.

I invite you to enter into the great financial deal of your life in peace.

In a custom mortgage your personal need becomes my goal!

Financial support and loan request for any purpose

according to your needs and desires

A loan for any purpose is given for a variety of purposes and must be defined as a purpose such as: renovation, expansion, covering loans, helping children, purchasing property, etc. The loan is given up to 50% of the value of the property and is examined at the bank as a new mortgage. The changes in the market can affect the monthly repayment and the balance of the debt, and therefore the nature of the transaction, its purpose and nature must be taken into account. Budget management should be smart and without compromising standard of living.

I will develop the best way to meet your needs and desires with comprehensive financial support and solutions.

Recycling mortgage

hand in hand to improve conditions

The recycling process requires understanding and professionalism, and needs to be tailored to each individual's financial profile and repayment ability. Over the course of life, there are many changes that affect expenses and income, such as: a paid-up educational fund, a newborn baby, inheritances, alimony, salary increases, etc. In addition, market conditions change and can affect mortgage tracks. The recycling process can save tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of shekels and improve your standard of living in the present and future.

You are invited to arrange a consultation meeting free of charge.

New Mortgage

Custom Made

Taking a mortgage is a large and substantial deal, and assembling the different courses by professional advice and guidance in the best and most accurate manner which will lead to substantial savings in the transaction. The mortgage should be suitable for the type of transaction, such as: purchase from a contractor / second hand purchase / self-construction / purchasing group, Tama 38 etc. The mortgage has a long-term effect on your life, Return minimum money to the bank!

I will make sure you get the best mortgage for you personally.

When did you last check your Mortgage?

From the moment you took a mortgage until now your income has increased? / Your needs have changed?

Maybe now you are required to reduce costs?

Maybe you can use your property as an investment for the next thing?

Dont leave any loose ends or open Questions!

You are invited to contact me to arrange a meeting at no cost to understand
your personal needs and assemble for you a mortgage tailored to you personally!

From me to you

Checking mortgage recycling without cost or obligation.

Adjustment to household flow.

Financial support and checking of loans that constitute a burden on the monthly cash flow. Many mortgage recipients have additional loans added to the monthly repayments and make it difficult for the home economic situation. I will make sure you get the best mortgage for you personally.

Matching courses for Maximum Benefit

The formation of an optimal mortgage mix and adaptation to significant changes in your life, your family and the economy. I will take care of the ideal conditions for you that are personally suited to your needs and desires.

Comprehensive accompaniment and good solutions.

Many customers meet me after they have made all the possible mistakes. They come to me and ask me to help them because they were turned down at the bank or because they are in arrears with payments to the contractor. In fact, the step we took to get ahead in life and the deal that should make us happy becomes a nightmare unnecessarily. Do not hesitate - call!

Leverage yourself!

Do you have a property? Debt of low mortgage? Value of property increased? If so, the sky is the limit! Use the property to leverage yourself and upgrade your standard of living. I will accompany you all the way to the signatures at the bank and make sure that the process is simple, efficient and economical.

Everything you wanted to know and did not dare to ask ...

Mortgage .. That's the whole story!

A number of important things that the Banks are checking

Why should you take a private mortgage advisor?

Should I refinance the mortgage?

Early Repayment Fee - When do we pay?

Dragging a Mortgage - what is the process? And is it profitable?

Insurance – what kind of insurance does the bank require and what is important to know?

Construction Inputs Index - Is there such an Index???

Tax.... Purchase ... And everything in between ..!

Reverse Mortgage

Price per Occupant / Price Target

Prepare yourselves for self- construction!

Tama 38

Purchase Groups

When I'm asked what is a good mortgage? I usually answer...
Each one of us has his own unique HOME !

A pleasure to meet you! my name is Shiran Bar-Oz, a mortgage counselor registered with the Association of Mortgage Advisors. In addition to being a mortgage advisor, I have the knowledge and experience from variety of occupations during my life, which serve as a significant tool to provide you with the best possible service to create a mortgage tailored to your financial profile. I was involved in a number of areas of my life, but when I was in the mortgage business I realized that I was in the right place.

I invite you to enter into the great financial deal of your life in peace. The mortgage-taking process among many customers is accompanied by hesitations and fears. I will negotiate with banks for you and save you time and unnecessary bureaucracy. In the end it is important for you to pay as little money as possible in custom solutions for you! With a custom mortgage, I will make the process efficient, simple, and will give you tranquility and peace of mind, along with professionalism, transparency and availability, accompanying every step with the bank.

I have acquired 16 years of professional experience in banking, mortgage and real estate.

Since I was discharged from the army I worked at Bank Hapoalim for 12 years as a business department manager and over the years I have accumulated knowledge in variety of fields.

I have an MBA in Finance and Human Resources; Graduate of the Psagot College and focus Mortgage Academy, and I also have a brokerage license from the time I engaged in real estate.

In addition to being a native speaker of "banking language", I work with advanced financial software in the field that enable me to achieve the best conditions with great financial savings while ensuring that a customized mix is built for your personal and financial needs.

Hand in hand we will walk to the best mortgage for you personally.

My Certificates

Dont Pay more than Reality forces you !

In your most important transaction, use private advice - it pays!

A mortgage is only taken with a registered consultant who works for you and saves your money.

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